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Welcome To McIntosh Cachets

McIntosh Cachets are designed by Tricia Richmond. McIntosh Cachets #1 issue is the first Purple Heart issue (May 30, 2003). As you browse through our offerings, you will find cachets with earlier dates. These are cachets submitted after the Purple Heart issue or add-on cachets, created after the Purple Heart Issue was done. We have also designed many event covers including Naval commemorative covers.

This web-site is evolving and you will see changes as you come back to visit. Technical assistance is generously provided by my husband, David Richmond. We hope you bookmark this site and return often. If you have any problems with our website, please contact us at: Thanks!

Award Winner - Tricia Richmond is the recipient of two cachet maker awards:
AFDCS 2004 Cachetmaker's Contest, Rookie of the Year - Honorable Mention,
and the AFDCS 2005 Cachetmaker's Contest, Non - Original Artwork.

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Tricia is a member of both APS and AFDCS.
So you know that you will be treated honestly.

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